What Are Peptides

Peptides are simply two or more amino acids linked in a chain. The word “peptides” has become synonymous with artificial peptides synthesized in a laboratory, however we have nothing to do with these products and simply offer a form of natural protein in a better form than whole protein. Protein is otherwise known as a “polypeptide” – which is a chain of amino acids over a certain size, below that number of peptide bonds, the same protein is referred to as a peptide.

Re-Gen Peptides is a complete protein, but the amino acids contained in the product are in a peptide form, making it easier to absorb and for the body to use as a raw material for the construction of the over 30,000 different types of protein and over 293,000 types of peptides in our body. The artificial peptides attempt to replace a single peptide out of the 293,000 peptides contained in our body, whilst Re-Gen Peptides contains the building blocks for all of them.