Product Details

Re-Gen Peptides is a full complex protein in a peptide form also containing organic iron and minerals. It contains all of the amino acids required for human biological function and protein synthesis. It is a 100% natural concentrated extract of pre-digested protein peptides. Nothing is added to the concentrate and nothing is taken away. Manufactured under the strictest European controls and standards, quality is assured and the product is optimal.

Re-Gen Peptides is sold in tablets or capsules with no artificial flavours, no additives, no preservatives or any form of stimulants added. It has demonstrated itself, over many years, to be a form of protein like no other. Whole protein is very difficult to digest, free amino acids are highly inefficient and have a very short half-life in our system, making Re-Gen Peptides uniquely placed as a protein form, having remarkable effects and benefits to the user, in stark contrast to other forms of protein and supplemental amino acids.