Protein Balance – Safe, Effective Solution

Our body consists mainly of muscle mass, but apart from that, nearly all biological activity in our bodies is protein-based. Nearly all enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, hemoglobin, hair, skin, nails…are proteins or peptides. Our bodies repair protein (called protein turnover) by breaking the proteins down and then rebuilding them at a rate of about 400 grams per day. Most of that is recycled, but if the body loses nitrogen, which is used to bind the amino acids together, then the body loses the ability to bind proteins and loses integrity – the body degenerates.

There are over 30,000 proteins in our body and over 293,000 peptides, these are ALL comprised of varying combinations of the 20 amino acids found in Re-Gen Peptides! To attempt to illicit a response from the body by supplying large amounts of some of amino acid or peptide is failure to recognise the vast complexity of our being. The only safe way to improve our condition and our performance is to supply all of the required nutrients in balance. It is the only way to build, to regenerate, to rejuvenate, the only way for our body to be anabolic, there is no other way! To do so is a short-term solution, treating the symptom and not the cause. No matter what the ailment, no matter what the reason for your bad condition, low levels of energy, bad moods, physical deterioration, it is all attributed to some form of protein imbalance in our body. All biological functioning is dependent on protein in some way, all of it. The only safe solution to restore lost functionality in the body is to restore anabolism and to restore nutrient balance. Re-Gen Peptides is fast becoming recognised as the best form of protein available and the most anabolic and therefore is the most logical solution to restore lost reserves which have led to the negative condition your body is in. Whether you are an average working person, a supermom, an athlete, an elderly person, whether you are looking for a boost, for recovery, for better performance, for higher energy levels…Re-Gen Peptides is the safest and most effective solution you will find.