The benefits supplied by Re-Gen Peptides are really only as a result of having a form of protein that is in an amino acid ratio close to the human protein profile requirement is readily absorbed and not being destroyed by the liver (catabolism), which is to a large degree what happens to other forms of protein. Benefits vary from person to person, but the basic benefits that our customers experience are:

  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Endurance
  • Improved Recovery

Some of the benefits that people experience, such as relief from inflammatory pain, hormone balance, increased rate of closure of wounds or general recovery, improved resistance to illness, improved brain functioning and other such benefits are not the result of some magical ingredient in the product, but rather, are due to a restoration of depleted levels of nutrients in the body, normalising of nutrient imbalances or improved general functioning of the body with evidenced benefits as a knock-on effect of that. It is for those reasons that people improve or regenerate, it is not a medicine or a medical product, simply an optimal form of nutrition. Many amino acids have specific actions in our bodies and when these haveimproved levels, benefits are also felt as a result. However, there are well over 300,000 combinations of these amino acids working together to provide us with a physiological being, so to presume that specific amino acids have specific results without taking the enormous number of dependencies into account is simply ignorant. Taking a specific amino acid to achieve a specific result ignores the millions of other permutations that exist. All of the amino acids work together and as long as they are supplied in balance, without a massive overhead to our body, benefits will be derived. Based on the experiences that our clients experience, we will, however, argue that our product provides a degree of benefit that isunique for a protein product.

There are different benefits for different people, depending on the issues, the activities, the goals and the use of the product by different people. For professional athletes, it has demonstrated itself to act as a fantastic aid to strength, endurance and recovery, with added value of improving mood, digestion, mental energy, concentration levels, motivation and overall feeling of wellbeing. For those seeking an assist to replenishing nutrient levels and an aid to recovery for therapeutic purposes, the benefits experienced are entirely dependent on where the nutrient drain is, the condition of the person andwhat is depleted in the system.

In our experience, at the root, the body succumbs to many illnesses or degenerates chronically due to deficiencies in the body. Nearly all biological functions are protein and peptide processes, with supporting processes for energy production, waste disposal and storage of energy, leaving us with the conclusion that the majority of deficiencies must be a protein problem. The protein systems in our body are far too complicated for any attempt to target a specific benefit, so simply providing all of the 20 building blocks and allowing our body to do what it normally does, without any alteration, suppression or stimulation is the only real solution to achieving overall improvements in condition and wellbeing. The body produces over 10 million types of immunoglobulins (the antibody proteins activated by an antigen which defend our body against invaders – otherwise known as our immune system), over 30,000 types of proteins and over 293,000 type of peptides in our bodies, all comprised of various combinations of the 20 amino acids contained in Re-Gen Peptides. The result is that people feel the product working in different ways, althoughnearly everybody feels increased mental and physical energy levels. Those doing exercises or who are frail, generally feel an increase in strength and the improvement in endurance levels and recovery is pretty much universal.

We all have a baseline state which is where we operate normally if there are sufficient levels and supply of nutrients and most people who have taken the product have felt a return to these baseline levels, indicating that these people were living with nutrient deficiencies and we conclude that the majority of the benefits experienced are as a result of higher nutrient levels and/or in some cases the actions of specific amino acids which there is obviously a much higher bio-availability of than previously.