Strength Benefits

Strength is increased across the board by people using Re-Gen Peptides, with the vast majority of people reporting increased strength. It is one of the fundamental benefits and although it is mild, there is a feeling of wellbeing – people simply feel good. It is not only in the gym that people feel stronger, elderly people who suffer from mobility problemsusually feel an assist from the product, allowing them to move more freely and along with the increased energy levels, it helps to improve their quality of life.

To maximise strength, one has to properly maintain the contractile muscles contained in the sarcomere complex within the muscle fibres. These are very large complex proteins comprised of at least 18 amino acids each. In the case of Titin (the protein that gives our muscles their elasticity), it is the biggest protein in the body comprising of between 27,000 and 33,000 amino acids in it’s peptide bond (19 of the amino acids contained in Re-Gen Peptides are used in it’s construction). In addition to proper maintenance of the muscular system, all of the physiological factors affecting power output must be supported as well – including Hemoglobin Content, Aerobic Enzyme Activity, Muscle Capillary Density, etc, which are all aided in achieving their optimal levels by Re-Gen Peptides. As a performance aid, it has demonstrated itself to be in a class of it’s own. There are no stimulants and it is simply a form of protein, so don’t expect the elevated heart-rate and overall stimulated feeling pre-workout products provide, it has a loading effect and thebenefits are incremental, but it is a safe and effective solution to increasing performance. Most professional athletes who take the product experience personal bests within the first week on the product.