Endurance Benefits

Endurance is meant as a general term describing the maintenance of strength and high energy levels during energy-draining activities. Re-Gen Peptides is a remarkable assist at maintaining these strength and energy levels, noticeably increasing energy levels and the duration of high energy states. This could apply to exercise, but also to work, travel or any other activity that acts as a drain on one’s energy levels. Normal activities and diet applies – it is an assist to a normal dietary protocol, not a replacement.

Endurance levels have been demonstrated to be increased by professional athletes in the gym, in Crossfit boxes, on the soccerfield, in the boxing ring, for triathlons, cycling – both sprints and long rides, marathons – including ultra-marathons. People who get tired during the day have noticed an improvement in their energy levels throughout the day.

Many athletes report that they no longer feel the burn or pain they used to feel when doing intense exercises like time trial cycling, whether this is as a result of improved oxygenation or simply better adaptation, we cannot be sure of, but the results are what counts. Delaying the pain means exercising for longer, which means more adaptation and higher fitness levels. Combined with increased rates of recovery, endurance is incrementally improved to much higher levels than before.