Recovery Benefits

Recovery is defined here as a return to a baseline state from a weakened state, especially after damage or a massive nutrient drain on the system. Nearly all repair that has to happen in the body is protein-dependent or comprised largely of proteinA stressor is applied to the body, causing damage and/or depletion of reserves, after which the body must recover to normal levels. When this kind of activity has occurred, Re-Gen Peptides will usually act as an aid to the body and increase the rate of recovery or regeneration. This is because that is the role of consumed protein, but an optimal form of protein is far quicker at producing recovery than normal dietary protein.

All exercise acts as a stressor on the body, the body then recovers and supercompensates (adaptation), taking one to a higher level of fitness than before. The quicker one can recover, the quicker one will get fitWithout enough recovery, the body will not adapt properly and fitness will not be increased and in over-stressed situations, the fitness levels will decrease. The same principle applies to any kind of stressor on the body, meaning that a lack of sufficient recovery after a stress situation can lead to reduced levels of efficiency or function in the body – degeneration can occur. An optimal source of protein like Re-Gen Peptides can assist the body with recovery from all sorts of degenerative conditions.